How Guild Token Works

How Guild Token Works: Setup your Temple Wallet on your Chrome or Firefox browser – Don’t worry this wallet is secure and will give you access to our DAPP. And for more advanced users, the DAPP can also be accessed from Beacon and TezBridge .

Create Account

Connect the Temple wallet extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser. Please follow the instructions explicitly. Because once it is connected to the DAPP it is basically done. It is short and easy.

Purchase Tezos

Purchase Tezos if you have not already, and transfer it to your new Temple wallet.

Enter the Guild Token Program

Enter the Guild program through our DAPP, accessing the DAPP from your browser that already should have the Temple wallet extension on the browser. You may enter with as little as $25 worth of Tezos.

Guild-Token-Tezos (XTZ)

What is The Guild Token Program

Guild Token A Smart Contract

Guild Token is a smart-contract built on the Tezos platform that allows users to deposit their Tezos (XTZ) and earn not only STAKING REWARDS but take advantage of a REWARD POOL TOO, that can deliver an estimated 5% to 7% Monthly*, along with a referral incentive paying 1%. Accessible by a Dapp with explicit instructions for the newbie to seasoned crypto trader/investor.

Former Stock market and conventional investors are also invited to enter the world of Decentralized Finance, where no one person or company is in control of your funds, only you.


Enhanced Staking

The Enhanced Staking Advantage, giving you more than just the 6% APR that conventional staking pays.  This Tezos Smart Contract also allows you to Re-Roll Your Profits Often, at a nominal fee equal to about .01 to .03 cents.

The smallest unit of measure for Tezos is the mutez. 1,000,000 mutez = 1 Tezos

Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure
Easy Entry
Easy Entry
Real Time Stats
Real Time Stats
No Locked Funds
No Locked Funds
Funds Accessible
Funds Accessible

10% Program Entry Fee

Guild Token Information Entry Fee chart
  • 6% to Share Holders - Split between all currently held tokens
  • 2% to Staking Reward Pool - Split between all currently held tokens 10 days or more
  • 1% to referrers immediately - if no referrer then 1% goes to Reward Pool
  • 1% to Developer

6% Program Exit Fee

  • 3% Back to Share Holders
  • 2% Back to Staking Reward Pool
  • 1% to Developer
Guild Token Information Exit Fee

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-10% Fee to Enter
6% to share holders, split between all currently held tokens ( 1 GUILD Token for 1 XTZ)
2% into Tezos Staking Reward Pool (paid to all holders of staked tokens that were staked 10 days or more) Calculated from (XTZ) Tezos staking.
1% paid to referrers account immediately upon entry – If no referral, then 1% goes to Staking Reward Pool.
1% to developer

-6% Fee to Exit
3% back to share holders, split between all currently held tokens
2% back to Tezos (XTZ) Staking Reward Pool (of which is staked in Tezos)
1% to developer
(6% fee is based on total amount, including profits)

1 Guild Token is equal to 1 Tezos which is designed to calculate value based on smart contract.

Token name: Guild – an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.

The Guild Program is designed to pay approximately 5% to 7% per month, but may yield more for the first participants. (There are no guarantees on minimum profits)

Credibility of Guild : The Guild Program is built upon Tezos, and is built on the Tezos Blockchain which enhances the staking of Tezos and has the lowest transaction fees compared to any ERC20 token.

The smart contract code is also made public showing transparency.

Program entry, has a 10% flat transaction fee applied. Instead of this going to the exchange, A portion of the Fee is split between all currently held token holders! 6% to Guild Token holders, 2% into Tezos Staking Reward Pool, 1% paid to referrers, 1% to developer.

XTZ and Guild rewards must be Re-Rolled and then you can withdraw immediately upon time of un-delegation. Participant may re-enter program, if participant wishes. Re-Roll of Profits is done by the participant through the Dapp and the transaction fee is about .01 to .03 cents depending on the price of Tezos.  Also, the participant must stay in the program for at least 10 days to receive Reward Pool Profits.

The smallest unit of measure for Tezos is the mutez. 1,000,000 mutez = 1 Tezos

In signing up for the Guild Token program you will never be asked to reveal your private key from your Temple Wallet. 

This program is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities or financial instruments of any kind.


Get In Touch!

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    How do I enter the program?

    a: First you must purchase Tezos, if you do not already have some.

    Where can I buy Tezos?

    a: your favorite exchange

    After I have Tezos then what?

    a: Using a Google Chrome or Firefox Browser Go to Thanos and enable a Temple Wallet .  Then move your Tezos to your new Temple Wallet.  Be sure to copy down your seed words on a piece of paper so if something happens to your computer you will still have access to your wallet.

    How do I Connect to the program?

    a: After you have connected your Temple wallet to your browser, you may then access our DAPP by typing in the url and enter the program.

    After connecting your browser to the wallet you should now move the Tezos you have from your other source ( ie. your favorite exchange) to the Temple Wallet,  then you may Register in the program, then Fund your entry into the program.

    Terminology of words or phrases on our Website or DAPP.

    When Do I get paid?

    a: The “Share Holders 6%” pay out is after being in the program 10 days, the “Referrer 1%” payment is immediate, and the “2% Staking Reward Pool” payments start at day 23. (we do not hold back funds it’s just because of the baking parameters; due to, the baker does not receive a staking rewards payout for approximately 20 days).

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