How to Get Tezos

how to get Tezos and more…

How do I enter the program?

a: First you must purchase Tezos, if you do not already have some.

Where can I buy Tezos?

a: Go to your favorite exchange and purchase Tezos

After I have Tezos then what?

a: Using a Google Chrome or Firefox Browser Go to and enable a Temple Wallet .  Then move your Tezos to your new Temple Wallet.  Be sure to copy down your seed words on a piece of paper so if something happens to your computer you will still have access to your wallet.

How do I Connect to the program?

a: After you have connected your Thanos wallet to your browser, you may then access our DAPP by typing in the url and enter the program.

After connecting your browser to the wallet you should now move the Tezos you have from your other source ( your favorite exchange) to the Thanos Wallet,  then you may Register in the program, then Fund your entry into the program.

Terminology of words or phrases on our Website or DAPP.